Monday, April 20, 2009

We went to the grave last Saturday. It has been about 1 month since the last time we visited the twins grave. It is a hot and sunny day and three of us did some cleaning especially cabut rumput. Alya is so good as she knows we were at her brother's grave so she just keep quiet and looking at us baca doa and cabut the rumput as well as jirus air. Ah even though i could not take care of them but i still miss them every now and then. So every time after we visited the grave i always tell Alya how lucky she is got to live with mummy and daddy. Her brother's not even have time to look at mummy and daddy not to say our love. And she just kept smiling and listening . I wonder whether she's understand or not.
Alya also having diarrhea from last Friday until today. So after work today we will bring her to the clinic.

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