Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alya Humaira Demam!

Sleeping in my arm on the way to clinic

Yes, setelah sekian lama dia tak demam suddenly last friday dia demam lagi . Poor little girl...

Of course means demam jugalah kat mummy and daddy dia becoz kitorang pun tak boleh tido

She will cling to our shoulder all night long, langsung tak nak letak bawah

But beccause mummy is prengnant right now so terlepas la duty utk dukung dia tu

Daddylah of course have to dukung dia all night long

sampai sakit sakit la kaki dia

But that Sunday we went to the clinic and for the first time

she took that ubat yg masuk kat punggung tu

I hate that ubat because it can affect your child's internal organ especially liver

So since this is the first time i have to let it be

But i asked the doctor to put it half only

and then 3 hours after that she's going back to her active mode again, yahuuuuu

Mummy tak pergi class la pulak sunday tu

because i cannot bear to let her stay alone with daddy

Dia mesti cari mummy punya especially time demam camni

So takper lah mummy skip class this weekend :(