Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Picture during our trip to Genting on Dec. Alya was so happy as well as her cousin.

When i passed a road this morning which is still in ampang area, i saw one lady holding her daughter under a tree waiting for a bus and the girl is sleeping on her mother's shoulder. The mother must be tired holding the girl. Today's weather is so hot even in early morning its like 10 o'clock. I look back again and i feel oh kesiannya that lady and the girl. For me I never have difficulties in bringing Alya to anywhere, i dont have to wait for a bus or taxi, standing for so long under the tree. So i looked back at myself and i feel so bersyukur that we still have a car for my husband to drive me anywhere, Alya will go to any place in air conditioning car and comfortable. I could not imagine if i have to bring Alya out by bus, walking under the sun which is so hot. Even though we're not rich but we have all the basic things such as car, house, beautiful clothes and enough money to eat everything we want. Sometimes i think i got to bersyukur of what i have right now as long as we are healthy, happy and enough money to buy our necessities. For Alya i tried to do the best for her and mummy loves you.

* Picture when Alya was 2 weeks old

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Terengganu Trip

We went to Terengganu trip last weekend. So tired but we had lots of fun.