Thursday, July 31, 2008

tHIS IS abOUT aLya

This entry is dedicated to my lovely princess...muahhhhh

Now alya almost merangkak aka crawling . Since alya had two times experienced jatuh katil so mummy and daddy decided for her to sleep bawah

She has a big and gebu tilam which is dia akan tenggelam dalam tu kalau tido

So now it has been 3 weeks dia tido bawah and so far selamat lagilah

But what mummy doesn't like is once dia bangun tengah malam alya will play senyap senyap

Bila mummy bukak mata jer nampak dia tengah:-

1) makan tisu

2) Main wayar nightlamp

3) main beg

4) Sometimes tido on the carpet (this must be dia main main and then tertido)

5) Tido atas bantal peluk yg besar with kepala tertonggeng

6) etc (coz mummy is sleeping)

Phewwwww. One more alya has a duck walker and she likes it. Whenever mummy wants to do work i will put her into that thing. Having childdren sometime makes you tired but when you see what they do , behavior you will smile. Its a kind of feeling that naturally will come when you have yr own kid. Every day there's new development that you expect to see. For me its like having a cute barbie doll and she's alive!!!!!!!

Liza's Wedding

Hari ni i'm a bit bored so nak membebel lah
Pegi wedding liza last saturday and met all kawan kawan
Wahh bestnya rasa cam jakun lak sebab dah lama tak jumpa budak budak yg giler tu
MMg ler sometime miss zaman uitm and zaman bujang dulu but i cannot turn back the time
Semua dah kawen dah tinggal lambak jer
Ni tengah menunggu lah ni bila big day lambak so we can have reunion again! YEY....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Alia got fever last week. A very high fever where she kept crying at night. Poor little girl. Mummy was panic until i brought her to clinic 2 times and luckily she's fine after 3 days.
At the same time Nenek was there to pamper her and many thanks to Nenek . I dont know what to do if my mum is not around. Alia as usual like to sleep on Nenek shoulder. So manja.....

Monday, July 07, 2008


Last Sunday Alia lost her bracelet. The story is like this.

I went to the shop to buy Cool Fever as Alia is having slight fever. So when i want to pay for the things i realized that my RM50 note is gone and at that moment also i know someone has stole my money. So i just ignore it as i know there's "SOMETHING OR SOMEONE" in our family doing that. So when i got back home i mengadu with my hubby that the 50 note is gone. So my husband just geleng kepala only and she said kalau betul nak hilang cuba check baby punya bracelet whether its still there or not. My heart was pumping heavily and i quickly opened my drawer and search for it. To my surprise its gone also!!!!! I was like crying as i know the bracelet were there before and its gone. The last time alya wearing it during cukur jambul at rumah nenek and it is the 2nd time she wore that. That's the present from mak long after she was born so it is the first jewellery that she had. I was soooo angry. I hope that Allah will give us petunjuk who is or what is the thing that stole my family money and also our jewellery. Amin.

P/S The picture here is the last time alya wore her bracelet. Poor my little Princess. Don't worry mummy promise that i will buy you a new bracelet darling.