Monday, November 05, 2007

Today is the last week of Hari Raya. My Hari Raya this year is so hectic. Well since i'm frm johor and my mother in law from kedah, so we have to go back to both places. On Hari Raya eve we are in Johor and hari raya kedua we have to travel from johor to Kedah. From Utara to Selatan. So Penat. Huwaaaaa........ Luckily my baby inside is a strong baby girl and she didn't give me any trouble at all. Cuma penat ajerlah. So baliklah kami berdua ke kedah and i met Amir's relatives. So many of them from all the places gathered during the week. I ate a lot! My husband also dragged me to Padang Besar with my sister in law as well. Jalan lagi. I wallup all the food kerbaulah , itiklah until after dah balik ke KL i noticed that all my clothes dah jadi ketat. Huwaaaaa..... even seluar tido yg besar tu pun dah tak muat. Semuanya because of
hari raya punya fat.

Last Friday pulak hubby and i went to check up for the cute baby inside my tummy. She's getting bigger! Since the mummy dah naik about 3 kg and the baby pun about 1/2 kg he he he. Thanks to the hari raya rendang and kuih fuhhhhh..... During the check up the doc printed the picture of my baby for the first time. Ni semua sebab daddylah every time the screen shows muka baby dia tak pernah nampak. Padahal we all can see clearly. So the doc print the pic.
Mummy pulak macam addicted to the pic , when i have free time i will take a look at the pic. Sukanyerrr...... and sometimes when i feel i miss her i will see the pic. So amazing ..... maybe this is what they called a mother's love. Even the baby belum keluar lagi pun dah rasa rindu lagi lah kalau dah keluar. Luckily i got her pic. Tak sabar rasanya nak tunggu dia keluar lagi sebulan setengah. All the basic things for her pun mummy and daddy dah prepare. We were so excited when we go for shop that day. Planned nak beli sikit tapi excited punya pasal terbeli byk.