Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Blues today. Since Jumaat i was on leave so rasa macam takde mood nak start keja. Well i was busy last week since my mum, brother and sister came to my house. So now nenek dah balik last saturday and Alya back to rumah Wan to take care of her. Poor Alya as she is so manja with nenek but what to do nenek have to go back. Dah sebulan dah nenek kat rumah alya and rumah mak ngah dia. Yesterday i went to Darby Park as usual lah menyibuk and for the first time i went to Sauna room at Darby Park. It was nice and so refreshing. Alya with the daddy at swimming time and mummy alone pampering myself at the Sauna. Then we went back at 5 pm and alya sleep at 7.30 pm . Rasanya dia penat kot mandi pool and palying around with her cousins.

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