Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This morning alya was like thrown away from the bed. Mummy just tinggalkan dia a few seconds only and i heard gedebuk macam nangka busuk. So when i rushed to the room i saw her lying down on the floor. At that time i was bising to ask my hubby to wake up. She was crying and when i lift her up she stopped crying. Aik? Biar betul budak ni. So i just gosok gosok her head and selawat and tiup. Hopefully tak ada apalah. Poor girl :(

Since we are also going to the paediatric for vaccination so i'll just mintak the doc advise later. This is the 2nd time where the 1st time jatuh tilam only and kena simen kepala dia. But this time she was like flying from the bed.

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