Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Last Sunday was the Mother's Day so we planned to celebrate the day at Darby Park. We didn't planned to spend our night there but since my brother in law had to work and get one complimentary apartment so all of us just tumpang sekaki la.

Alya was not feeling well that weekend so no swimming for her he he he. So we just buy cake that night, makan nasi goreng with grilled chicken. Hubby and i bought the cake and chicken while sister in law ordered nasi goreng. I bought small potty cactus for mother in law and we had fun even though it is a simple gathering. (How is wish my mum was here too). But since mak dekat Johor so i called her and wish her. Dont worry mum present for u mesti ada.
That night Alya got flu and coughing badly until she cannot sleep. Ah poor her.... So asyik jerit jerit ajer during that night sebab hidung tersumbat and today we will bring her to the clinic.


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