Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Balik Kampung

Last Saturday we went to Serting , NS. We went to rumah Mak Long which is my father in law's sister. It is really really kampung where there's a lot of chicken, goat, and tanaman tanaman. Alia is so happy and she keep mumbling and playing all the time. But maybe it is not our rezeki yet as all the pokok buah baru start berbuah so tak dpatlah makan buah. Its just a day trip and we went back at 10 pm .


bibie said...

Wah, happy sakan jer baby Alia tu bila masuk bab jalan2, mcm mummy nya jugak. =)


Suri said...

wah sudah upload, tahniah! hehehe.. bila la agaknya ko nak bawak alia datang ofis...?