Thursday, July 02, 2009

Alya's Visit to Doc

Alya went for the last jab which is for 18 months yesterday. After this no more vaccination until she is 4 years old. So no more la visit to Naluri. She got birthday card from the doctor for completing all the immunisation scheduled for her yeayyyyyyy.....Mummy and daddy suka pegi Naluri sbb the doc is very concern and they can track down also her progress compared than go to normal klinik and just get a jab. Nak pegi govt boleh but sorry i tak tahan the queee. Buang masa. Quite expensive though because this is 3 in 1 vaccination. Even though mummy's company covered for vaccination but i never go to normal klinik. I need a child specialist so we know what happen with her, whether her development is fast or slow... bla bla bla.
So semalam when doc ask whether alya has started talking or not we said yeah a lil' bit. just a simple words. Then doc kata for children as his age dah patut cakap more than that. So the doc want to refer her to Gleaneagles for language therapy. Ha ha ha so Funny. She can understand what we said but she is too lazy to learn. Even the doc pun tau ehheheheeh. takpelah mummy will learn the therapy how to make her speak more. Tapi tak pandai cakap lagi pun mulu t dah bising. Karang terlebih cakap la pulak.....

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