Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Tragic Moments - Lost of Two Boys

Just started work after almost a month after being hospitalized and resting at home. For those who knows that i'm pregnant before, but now the cute lil boys were no longer in my tummy. They have returned to the creator and whether his mommy redha or not it is Allah's will. For me it is too fast as if i just got to know i pregnant yesterday and they are gone today! Mummy and Daddy tak sempat nak buat apa apa for the boys and even the baju mummy bought specially to wear to function because i cannot wear baju kurung anymore tak sempat dipakai. And today i'm wearing the dress. I thought that the boys would be fine after a week resting at the hospital but Allah cuma pinjamkan the boys to us for 4 months plus only. To my little angels up there mummy, daddy and your sister Alya will always remember you until our last breath and shall we meet in heaven. Having you is such a precious moments for mummy and daddy and you still have a place forever and ever deep in our hearts. Al-Fatihah.
I will post the moments how i lost my twin when i have the strength to do so.


Mimie Ishak said... ye ker..lama aku tak contact ko nih...aku tak leh access meebo pon skang nih pastu arini plak aku tertinggal hphone...besok aku tipon ko..insyallah...tak per izzah eh setiap yg terjadi tuh mesti ade hikmah dier......sabar tau....aku tumpang sedih utk

Al Fatihah.....

bibie said...

So sorry to hear that. I'm quite surprised when you told me about it. Be strong OK. Setiap yang terjadi ni mesti ada hikmahnya.

Suri said...

bersabar ye Izzah, but you're a strong women! look at how you handle things! kudos girl!