Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bulan puasa hampir tiba. This is the 2nd year saya berpuasa as a wife and 1st year as a mother to a cute baby girl named Alya yeyyyyyy. Since this is first raya for Alya, Daddy and Mummy was so excited. Up to now we have bought baju raya for alya only not yet for mummy and daddy. Nenek also preparing her a chiffon baju kurung. Wah grandnya mummy only wear chiffon for the first time during wedding but alya got her chiffon when she's not even 1 year. But never mind coz mummy and daddy love her sooooo much. We also tried to buy for alya nike shoes but unfortunately there's no more stock lerrr tension ajer dah la kasut tu warna pink mesti cute kalau baby tu pakai. Especially sekarang alya dah nak pandai merangkak and berdiri and sometimes she's trying to said something. Again so cute.


bibie said...

visit my blog. you've been tagged by me.


Suri said...

ha time dia dah nak jln ni la ko akan jadi double penat sbb nak lari kejar dia kan.. haha