Thursday, July 31, 2008

tHIS IS abOUT aLya

This entry is dedicated to my lovely princess...muahhhhh

Now alya almost merangkak aka crawling . Since alya had two times experienced jatuh katil so mummy and daddy decided for her to sleep bawah

She has a big and gebu tilam which is dia akan tenggelam dalam tu kalau tido

So now it has been 3 weeks dia tido bawah and so far selamat lagilah

But what mummy doesn't like is once dia bangun tengah malam alya will play senyap senyap

Bila mummy bukak mata jer nampak dia tengah:-

1) makan tisu

2) Main wayar nightlamp

3) main beg

4) Sometimes tido on the carpet (this must be dia main main and then tertido)

5) Tido atas bantal peluk yg besar with kepala tertonggeng

6) etc (coz mummy is sleeping)

Phewwwww. One more alya has a duck walker and she likes it. Whenever mummy wants to do work i will put her into that thing. Having childdren sometime makes you tired but when you see what they do , behavior you will smile. Its a kind of feeling that naturally will come when you have yr own kid. Every day there's new development that you expect to see. For me its like having a cute barbie doll and she's alive!!!!!!!

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